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The Deer-Star, is the name of the bright star that may be seen low down in the eastern sky at sunrise on summer mornings. The Paiute Indians in the desert hills named it so. It is a story of about North America 100 years ago; there is land, there are mountains, valleys, rivers, trees and creatures. People live there. It is no different from our lives today. But we think the following: to listen to their songs of old days at this moment, what will it tell us about our time, and what will it evoke for us?

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01 Heart's Friend <Paiute>
   心の友 <パイユート>

02 The Deer-Star <A Paiute Legend>
   シカ星 <パイユートの言いつたえ>

03 The Song of the Hills <the Yokut Indian>
   丘たちの歌 <ヨーカットの詩>

04 Song for the Newborn <Grandes Pueblos>
   新生児のために <グランデ・プエブロの歌>

05 Warrior's Song

06 The Eagle's Song <Southern California>
  イーグル・ソング <カリフォルニア南部>

07 The Grass on the Mountain <From the Paiute>
   山の草原 <パイユート>

08 Cradle Song <From the Paiute>

09 Neither Spirit Nor Bird <From the Shoshone>
   妖精でも鳥でもない <ショショーニの詩>

10 Woman's Song <From the Luiseno>
   女がうたう歌 <ルイセニョの詩>

11 Glyphs <From the Washoe-Paiute>
   しるし <ウォッショー・パイユートの詩>

12 Song of a Woman Abandoned by the Tribe..... <Southern Shoshone>
   うち棄てられた老婆の歌 <南方ショショーニ>

   Song of a Man About to Die in a Strange Land <Ojibway>
   みしらぬ土地で死にゆく男の歌 <オジブワ>

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Re-expressed Amerindian oral traditions of their languages in English by Mary Austin
Translated from the English into Japanese by Kazue Daikoku and Jeff Brower
Artwork by Yukari Miyagi
Web design by Yoko Inoue

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