#15 Step into Sky
#14 tenement landscapes
#13 En Una Baldosa
#12 Sleeping Village
#10 Town Dream Dream Town
#9 The llittlemark on my cheek
Rabbit and Turtle
#7 The Deer-Star
#6 Kago Onna
#5 The Sphere of Woods

#4 Itogoyomi
#3 Step into Sky
#1 tenement landscapes

Artist goods:
YUKARI MIYAGI (postcard, tote bag, wallet)
Alternative books by other publishers

Nieves (Switzerland)
a) Humans/ Mike Mills
b) Chronicles Vol.1/Kim Gordon
a) L.S.T. /Shugo Tokumaru (MAP)
b) TONKORI / OKI (Chikar Studio)

Line: Yet We Have Flowers and Butterflies Here
Yukari Miyagi

This is the latest drawing collection by Yukari Miyagi. After the big earthquake and the nuclear accident on March 11, 2011 in Japan, the author, Yukari Miyagi, has struggled to draw: She was not sure and could not find a motive that she would work on a new work in this confused condition of Japan and herself, and ...
read more and see images
102pages、paperback、published in November, 2013


Yukari Miyagi is a Japanese artist who lives in Tokyo. She has been working ... read more

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En Una Baldosa
Spanish language haiku by a Paraguayan writer
Javier Viveros
Soy navegante
del movedizo piélago
de tus cabellos.

118pages、paperback、published in June, 2012

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Javier Viveros: A Paraguayan writer, born in 1977.

●PDF version(760KB)
En Una Baldosa
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tenement landscapes
English language haiku by an American poet
Paul David Mena
a sudden chill --
the view from Brooklyn
without the Towers

54pages、paperback、published in June, 2012

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Paul David Mena: An American poet who has written haiku since 1990s.

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tenement landscapes
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Step into Sky
English language haiku by a Missouri poet
John Sandbach
before it is opened
full of darkness

116pages、paperback、published in June, 2012

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John Sandbach: A haiku poet who lives in Missouri and write about the land.

●PDF version(2.4MB)
Step into Sky
All the contents are available.


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Published on 5 July 2011
Sleeping Village
Ragnar Persson

"There was nothing to do other than walking outside or drawing pictures in my childhood," Ragnar told me. I hear he was born and raised in a small village in the north of Sweden. "Sleeping Village" is exactly a work that emerged from an imagination cultivated between "walking around the village" and "drawing hungrily." >>>

1.Drawing book
Drawing: Ragnar Persson
Text: Ragnar Persson, Milène Larsson
B5(ca. 7.16 by 10.1 inches), 36 pgs, color, offset
Language: English/Japanese

2.Photo booklet
Photograph: Ragnar Persson
Variation of A5 format, 20 pages, monochrome, offset

Price: 1575 yen, U.S. $20.00 (postage included)
Publisher: Happa-no-Kofu
ISBN: 978-4-901274-15-9

We published two new zines and showed and sold them at the book fair, ZINE'S MATE on July 2009.
Here are the covers of the zines, and you can see the inside of the book to click each cover.

1. NEZUMI KOZO: photograph: Ari Marcopoulos, text: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
2. SMALL: author: Yuich Shimada

Yukari Miyagi

Illustration Yukari Miyagi
Design Kazunari Hattori

Full-page drawings unfold one after another in this captivating, picture-book, tangibly communicating the lively, childlike style of artist Yukari Miyagi. This visual interpretation of Charles Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood, written over 300 years ago, is a unique and refreshing take on the well-loved fairy tale.

Price: 1200 yen, U.S. $11.00
B5(ca. 7.16 by 10.1 inches), 40 pgs, offset
Language: English/Japanese
Publishers: Nieves and Happa-no-Kofu

Published in November 2008
ISBN: 978-4-901274-10-4
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Town Dream
Dream Town

Murals by Yukari Miyagi

Mural Illustrations: Yukari Miyagi
Photographs: Masaaki Tanaka
Book design: iamcoco

Yukari Miyagi, an Illustrator, who is the author of "The Deer-Star" and "Rabbit and Turtle," participated the project of murals for temporary walls in Hiroo, Tokyo. Hiroo is the one of the topical spots in Tokyo, which is next to Roppoingi, Ebisu and Aoyama. She drew a polar bear, a deer, a colt, a dragonfly, a butterfly, birds, flowers, trees and landscapes of four seasons in lively description.... (read more and see the images)

Price: 1260 yen, U.S. $10.00 (postage included)
B5(ca. 7.16 by 10.1 inches), 28 pgs, offset
Language: English/Japanese
Published in July 2007
ISBN: 978-4-901274-09-8

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related CD
Shugo Tokumaru "L.S.T."
The little mark on my cheek

Text: Kazue Daikoku & Alexis Jones
Photographs and artwork: Ari Marcopoulos
Design: Takashi Miyagawa

A child and their grandpa, both with a little mark on their cheek, visit a land to the south full of people with the same mark. Through the journey the child begins to think about what the world is. Ari Marcopolous's provides an answer in the form of photographs, in color and black and white. The two parallel but independent text together with the photos gradually merge into one in the mind of the reader.
A picture book and road movie for children and grown-ups.

Price: 1890 yen, U.S. $16.5(postage included)
Accordion book, B6(7.17 x 5.04 in.), 64 pgs, offset
Language: mixed English/Japanese (Japanglish)
Book case: cardboard box
ISBN: 4-901274-08-2 C0772


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Rabbit and Turtle
Yukari Miyagi

Artwork: Yukari Miyagi
Text: Wasaburo Ishiwara and Kazue Daikoku
Design: Tatsuya Ariyama, Ayako Iizuka
Publishers: Benjamin Sommerhalder and Kazue Daikoku

This is a book of Yukari Miyagi's new drawings which was copublished by Nieves and Happa-no-Kofu. The project started in January, 2005 in Gallery Rocket, Tokyo, where three of us, Yukari, Benjamin (Nieves) and I (Happa-no-Kofu) met. Benjamin had an exhibition of his publications in Rocket at that time. The idea of this book is based on a famous Aesop's Fables story (Hare and Tortoise). Here Yukari's drawings have been created freely moving away from the original story. She used all of her imagination and created a curious, amazing, and pleasant world with lively lines and vivid colors.

Price: 1100 yen / U.S. $10
160 x 225 mm, 32 pages, offset
Publishers: Nieves and Happa-no-Kofu
Language: English and Japanese
ISBN 4-901274-07-4 (the Japanese version)


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The Deer-Star -Amerindian Songs-

English text: collected and re-expressed by Mary Austin
Drawings by Yukari Miyagi
The Japanese translation by Kazue Daikoku + Jeff Brower
Book design by Takashi Miyagwa

This is a story of a bright star, known as Sirius, that may be seen low down in the eastern sky at sunrise on summer mornings. The drawings and the Paiute Legend join together and melt into each other, running through the hills of the desert, the fields of sage and the mesa of cactus like the wind. There is an attractive landscape horizontally changing, and lively plants and creatures scattered on it: the poem, drawings and book design are well harmonized and the book will bring you a very dynamic and exciting experience.
All the poems, included the title piece "The Deer-Star" are presented both in English and Japaese.

Price: 800 yen / U.S. $7.50
Accordion book, B6(7.17 x 5.04 in.)/64 pgs, offset
Book case: cardboard box
Publisher: Happa-no-Kofu
Language: English and Japanese
ISBN: 978 - 4-901274-06-7 (2nd printing)

The web version of The Deer-Star
Yukari Miyagi
She started her career as a freelance illustrator in 1992. Her works appeared in magazines, books and other media. She published "Reminiscence" as a private edition in 1998. She went on to publish "Chichi" in 1999, "Ambrosia" in 2002, and "Kaguya, the bamboo princess" which was published by a Swiss independent publisher Nieves, in 2004. Her most recent books are "The Deer-Star" and "Rabbit and Turtle."

Mary Hunter Austin (1868 - 1934)
Writer, poet, naturalist, storyteller and feminist. On the other hand she worked collecting Amerindians' stories and poems, and translated them into English or re-expressed them in English, or wrote by herself inspired by them. These poems of "The Deer-Star" are from the works. She passed away in Santa Fe in 1934, after having lived for ten years in her adobe house which she much loved.


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Kago onna - Kodomono tameno fugawarina storytelling shu
(text: Japanese)
Original text: 'The Basket Woman: A Book of Fanciful Tales for Children'

Author: Mary Austin
Japanese translation: Kazue Daikoku + Jeff Brower
Illustration: E. Boyd Smith
Book design: Takashi Miyagawa

Price: 1,200 yen, 244 pages, monochrome
Published in 2004
ISBN: 4-901274-04-Xツ C8097

The Sphere of Woods: CD-ROMツ(Mac/Win) + chapbook

Author (photographs and text): Hidehiro Otake
Sound (the music part): Aeron Bergman
Creative direction: Kazue Daikoku

1) CD-ROM Picture book "The Sphere of Woods" was produced as a Flash movie with 100 pictures of the North Woods taken by Hidehiro Otake.
2) The chapbook "The Inhabitants of the North Woods" is a collection of short essays which describe encounters of the author with animals in the woods. (33 essays: English, Japanese)

Price: 2100 yen / USD $20.00 / EUR 15,00 (including the shipping cost)
Published in 2004
ISBN: 4-901274-05-8 C0872


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This book is not available.


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Strings - The Lives of Two Yakama Indian Women in the 1800s
(text: Japanese)

Author: Paul Brooke
Japanese translation: Kazue Daikoku
Illustration: Mayumi Someya
Book design: Takashi Miyagawa

Price: 520 yen
Variation of B6 format, 68 pages, monochrome
Published in 2002
ISBN: 4-901274-03-1ツ C0098


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English Language Haiku 3
Step into Sky (English and Japanese)

Author: John Sandbach
Japanese translation: Kazue Daikoku
Book design: Takashi Miyagawa
Artwork: Takashi Miyagawa

Price: 520yen (U.S.A. $5)
Variation of B6 format, 68 pages, monochrome
Published in 2002
ISBN: 4-901274-02-3ツ C0098


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English Language Haiku 2
Moyayama - Russian haiku: a diary (Japanese, partly English)

Author: Alexey V. Andreyev
Japanese translation: Kazue Daikoku
Book design: Takashi Miyagawa
Artwork: Takashi Miyagawa
Cover art: Francisco Amaya

Price: 520yen (U.S.A. $5)
Variation of B6 format, 76 pages, monochrome
Published in 2002
ISBN: 4-901274-01-5ツ C0098


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English Language Haiku 1
tenement landscapes (English and Japanese)

Author: Paul David Mena
Japanese translation: Kazue Daikoku
Book design by Takashi Miyagawa
Artwork by Takashi Miyagawa

Price: 520yen (U.S.A. $5)
Variation of B6 format, 62 pages, monochrome
Published in 2001
ISBN: 4-901274-00-7 C0098

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