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Drawing collection by Yukari Miyagi

Author: Yukari Miyagi
Line: Yet We Have Flowers and Butterflies Here
Paperback version (amazon POD)
published in November, 2013
Price: $10.00
Page count: 102pages
Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 5 x 0.2 inches
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 978-1492904151
Publihser: Happa-no-Kofu through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Key word:
Big earthquake, nuclear accident, Japan, 3.11, Yukari Miyagi, drawing, live, think

About the book:
This is the latest drawing collection by Yukari Miyagi. After the big earthquake and the nuclear accident on March 11, 2011 in Japan, the author, Yukari Miyagi, has struggled to draw: She was not sure and could not find a motive that she would work on a new work in this confused condition of Japan and herself, and what her work meant to the world. So she stopped drawing. A year later she tried to draw a line, just one line, she started there, to draw a line. She began to walk a little by little, very slowly, thinking along with everything she feels in her everyday life.

The drawing collection has over eighty pieces that the author has drawn everyday, one piece a day.

About the author:
Yukari Miyagi is a Japanese artist who lives in Tokyo. She has been working as an illustrator in the commercial sector such as advertising and publishing, and she has been also participating in various independent projects; working with both domestic and overseas publishers and collaborators. She has loved drawing since she was very young, and is still passionate and adventurous about it even after becoming a professional artist. She published "Reminiscence" as a private edition in 1998, and went on to publish "Chichi" in 1999, and "ambrosia" in 2002. A Swiss independent publisher Nieves published her zine "Kaguya, the bamboo princess" in 2004, and "Rabbit and Turtle" in 2005 and "AKAZUKIN" (The Little Red Riding Hood) in 2008 with a Japanese independent publisher Happa-no-Kofu. In 2005 a drawing and poem book "The Deer-Star" (drawing by Yukari Miyagi, text by Mary Austin) was also published by Happa-no-Kofu. In 2007 “Town Dream / Dream Town” which is a photograph collection of her murals in Hiroo, Tokyo (photograph by Masaaki Tanaka) was published by Happa-no-Kofu. See the information of her published books here. (#7, #8, #10, #11, #16)
Web: http://www.miyagiyukari.com/

Here is a moive that introduces this book, Line. Please see it.

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You can see some of the drawings in the book below, please click the one you want to see, so you'll see the lager iamge.
Here are Someple pages of the book.