Sleeping Village
Ragnar Persson

1.Drawing book
Drawing: Ragnar Persson
Text: Ragnar Persson, Milène Larsson
B5(ca. 7.16 by 10.1 inches), 36 pgs, color, offset
Language: English/Japanese

2.Photo booklet
Photograph: Ragnar Persson
Variation of A5 format, 20 pages, monochrome, offset

Price: 1575 yen, U.S. $20.00 (postage included)
Publisher: Happa-no-Kofu
ISBN: 978-4-901274-15-9

Published on 5 July, 2011
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"There was nothing to do other than walking outside or drawing pictures in my childhood," Ragnar told me. I hear he was born and raised in a small village in the north of Sweden. "Sleeping Village" is exactly a work that emerged from an imagination cultivated between "walking around the village" and "drawing hungrily."

Far north, in the land where the lord is nature and only one or two hundred people live, a huge emptiness occupies the air around you, the universe you live, and there even the shadows of trees, heavy clouds in the sky and the flapping wings of birds might have power enough to arouse your imagination, or drag you into strange dreams.

This drawing book has an additional photo booklet by Ragnar. The worlds in the photos and his drawings are resonant with each other as if the two are twins. Also you can read a text about the village written by Ragnar and a little and fancy story by his friend, Milène in the book.
(Kazue Daikoku, the editor of Happa-no-Kofu)

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Excerpt from "Sleeping Village" written by Ragnar Persson
The rest of the village consists of old tired houses that have gone crooked from the heavy winds. Of course, all surrounded by fences. All over Sweden there are fences. It feels like all I did growing up was walking empty roads and looking over fences, sometimes you would see a dog, and sometimes you could steal a glimpse of the life going on behind the fence.

Excerpt from "Anywhere but Here" written by Milène Larsson
Deep into the heart of the forest she came upon a massive olden tree with bulky roots covered in the softest, most yielding moss she had ever seen, and nestled down. The treacherous beauty of twilight unfolded, it was the hour of nocturnal creatures and angst-ridden souls.

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