English language haiku3
"Step into Sky"(bilingual)

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English Language Haiku 3
Step into Sky(bilingual version)

Written by John Sandbach
Translated into Japanese by Kazue Daikoku
Book design by Takashi Miyagawa(Miyagawa Design Office)
Artwork by Takashi Miyagawa

The direct purchase price: 520yen(U.S.A. $5)
*Variation of B6 format, 68 pages, monochrome, published in January, 2002
ISBN: 4-901274-02-3@C0098

This is Sandbach's first haiku book. In this book the author has written haiku about woods, clouds, rivers, crows, the moon, rain, and crystals in Missouri where he lives. His poems bring a new and unique feeling to the haiku form.

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