I am suspended in a sea
Of bees. Where did they come from?
Hovering, motionless--
A sudden dart to the right
Then the left, as if they are
Playing a secret game of their own.
What are their rules? Other than
Be here, be now?
Suck the sweetness of flowers
And leaves? Be tied
In heavenly harmony,
Each one communicating
With the other, in a thousand
Swarm of One.

I raise my eyes casually
And pretend to gaze at infinity.
In the next house is my brother
Who fears all dangers, and insects
Would be immediate threat.


He cannot see, from where he is
I am submerged
in an infinite sea of bees.
His young son would
Benefit from insects,
But the father would want to spray
The garden with poison
And kill this sea. On the crook
Of my elbow, a black ant crawls.
Phra Rahu is around here somewhere.
I pray to him and say: save the bees.
Make sure my brother never sees them.