The ones that survive,
The weedy ones, the ones
With less at stake, those are
The ones to embrace
A hotter world filled
With larger spiders,
More busy ants,
More giant mosquitoes.
Its adapt or vanish,
And the more I look
Around the more it appears
That lab breeds, protected
By science, give way
to the wilderness
Of nature, the stunted,
Stubbly plants we scorn
But who hold the seeds
Of life in their gnarled palms.


Wet green leaves
Unfold, daring rain
To penetrate them.
The ones that can't withstand
the barrage grey
and die. Hybrids,
foreign seeds engineered
in labs, promising luscious
heirloom tomatoes, grow
like Jack's beanstalk,
taller and taller,
and then they spot,
grey, droop, and dessicate.
Too much water, perhaps.
But this is the new world,
One where glaciers will melt
And thunderstorms
Drench us with rising waters.