About Missouri

By John Sandbach

Missouri is on the edge of several different climate zones, so the weather here is very unpredictable and hence always changing and quite interesting. In the south of Missouri are the Ozark Mountains, which are so very ancient that they are only hills today, and covered with forests.

Missouri has more than 5800 caves -- a greater density and number of caves than any place else in the world. It is also rich in deposits of quartz crystal and many other minerals.

I live on the western edge of Missouri, and to the west of me lies the prairie of Kansas, which is like a vast green sea.

The people here tend to be very conservative, but to me the landscape is mystical, and even though the written history of civilization is only about two hundred years old here, the geological history extends far into the depths of the past, and you can feel it everywhere, even under your feet, welling up from the darkness of the caves.

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