Akash the midnight dog
Dragged in a pelvic bone
From a dead bull. He gnaws
Away, growling
at passerbys. Bone-stealers
All, he thinks, suspicious.

Akash the black dog
is emperor of all he surveys.
He may allow a friend to stroll in,
But his tail wag is conditional.
Akash possesses the land
As it possesses him.


The dog's name is Akash.
Sky, she called him,
Although if he had to be
A sky he would be midnight--
Black as deepest night,
With some hidden white hairs.

Akash likes the garden,
He considers it his own.
He got there first,
He thinks, not realizing
That other people
Were there before him.

But his memory extends
Back only three years.
This entitles him
To warning barks
at intruders who dare
stray into his dominion.