leaf miner

The leaf miner is an insect larva (caterpillar,beetle and weevil larvae etc.) that lives and feeds within a leaf. They burrow or tunnel thin, winding and whitish trails into the leaf,or make whitish or brownish blotches on it.
Leaf miners mar the appearance of ornamental grasses, trees, and shrubs, but they rarely cause injury.
One day when I was taking a walk near my house with my camera, I found leaves which had lots of small round holes on them like lace. And one another leaf had a winding whitish trail on it. It was very beautiful to me. I took some pictures of them. And later I knew these were leaf-miners' works.
Usually leaf-miner's work is unpleasant for most people especially gardeners. And they don't think leaf-miner's works are beautiful. But I felt that their works looked very lovely and lively.

That is the reason why I named our publisher "Happa-no-Kofu":
If a big leafy tree represents the mass media, with it's enormous influence on people's thought, then the leaf miner is the individual whose ideas present little known alternative aspects of our society.
"Happa-no-kofu" would like to meet individual talented and unique persons whose works are not well known, or misunderstood in our society, and would like to create something good together on the web.