History of the world

Guido Monte


Comment of the author: this is the shortest blending poem ever written, only the first biblical letter of Genesis 1:1 – the “Beth” (on the Kabbalah it’s written it was necessary to begin with the second letter of the alphabet, not the first, because of the state of imperfection of the world), and the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega, that denotes the end of everything (Book of Revelation, 22:13)

Guido Monte is an Italian free-thinker and poet, his blending works are also on the magazines Words without Borders, Swans Commentary and Ars Interpres.


グイド・モンテは自由思想家であり詩人です。グイドの言語混和作品はWords without BordersSwans CommentaryArs Interpresで発表されています。

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